Marie Kondo Extreme Kitchen Declutter – Before & After KonMari Method

Extreme Kitchen Mari Kondo style! I show you the before & after on my kitten declutter using the method. Who loves the new show Tiding up on Netflix featuring Marie Kondo? I like it, but I love her Book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” even better. I read it last summer and have been itching to declutter and organize my whole house since! I’m decluttering one room at a time starting with my kitchen! I hope this inspires and motivates you, and gives you a kitchen decluttering checklist to go through your kitchen and only keep what sparks joy!

Cheers to keeping what we love and living in my own form of minimalism!

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29 thoughts on “Marie Kondo Extreme Kitchen Declutter – Before & After KonMari Method”

  1. Your tea and coffee and sweetener collection, Komari advocates throwing out the expired items, (you did not show the rest of your kitchen items that may have expired), Komari says she sniffed a couple of expired items and they definitely had an odor, so throwing away expired items will greatly cut down on clutter.

  2. I did that a long time ago with my tea and it really helps to know what you have if you do it the way you're doing it I'm glad you're showing this because this will give people good tips on how to organize

  3. Basilchic: & that’s how you Organize!
    Marie Kondo : …
    Basilchic: …
    Marie Kondo : Where are the drawer dividers!? This does not spark Joy! Joyless household brings shame upon family.
    Basilchic: oh muh gwad🤭🥺

  4. Great video – thanks for getting right to the technique! I'm just sorry it took me 10 other tidying videos to get here where 80% of it was the hostess droning on and on about things not pertinent for the video!

  5. You can make flower arrangement with cute cups and give them to someone 🙂 I love the glass drinking bottles you are getting rid of 🙁 for ones are in good conditions, you can ask your friends or coworkers or post on Facebook markets. Sometimes I put some stuff at work’ kitchen tables, usually they are gone quickly. I don’t like give them away to goodwills they have too much stuff

  6. I am a retired chef and purchased corningware square dishes in white and I love them! My cabinets being square of course, gives a beautiful fit for our dishware! We got rid of everything else and I love the streamlined lifestyle so much more. I did not like the heavier dishes but wanted microwave safe and lightweight dishes that would all fit on two shelves. They come with dinner plates-salad plates-soup and salad bowls and 1/2 cup single serve bowls.You did an awesome job and paired down a lot! Minimal items require a lot less time for cleaning and organizing!!! God bless and thanks!

  7. WHAT A GREAT VIDEO! I loved how everything came out and I love how realistic this was 🙂 Taking pictures of sentimental items was the best thing I've ever learned lol. Thanks for sharing girl!! XOXO

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