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In Marie Kondo’s hit Netflix show, “Tidying Up,” she helps people tidy up not just their homes, but their lives. Now, she’s setting her sights on Washington, D.C.

Join Marie as she uses her KongressMari method to help a Republican and a Democrat tidy up their House…of Representatives.

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Directed and Edited by Greg Burke
Written by Lou Perez, Greg Burke, Lana Link, and Dan Banas
Additional editing by Gustavo Petersen
Graphics: Michael Petruso

Marie Kondo – Chie Miyagawa
Republican – Drew Moore
Democrat – Casey Waller
Child – Gionni Perez
MS13 Member – Mark R. Anthony
Narrator: Shelly Shenoy

Tony Bozanich
Jase Egan
Galan Allen
Oliver Wolf
Jillian Sawyer
Erin Grant
Donna Cherry

Office Workers:
Andrew Pedicino
Adam Murphy
Anthony Pellegrino
Sarah Teed

Casting by:
Eisenberg/Beans Casting
Daryl Eisenberg, CSA
Ally Beans, CSA

DP: AJ Ferrer
AC: Julian Faras
Sound: Fernando Castillo
Hair and Makeup: Jenny Diaz
Art Dept.: Deb Amann
PA: Matt DeNicola

Executive Producers: Maurice Black, Lou Perez, Erin O’Connor, & Rob Pfaltzgraff
Creative Director: Erin O’Connor
Head Writer: Lou Perez
Creative Producer: Lana Link
Associate Producer: Jordan Best
Marketing Director: Allison Ryan


46 thoughts on “Marie Kondo: Tidying Up Washington, D.C. | We The Internet TV”

  1. With all due respect to miss kondo you can't tidy up Washington until you get behind Trump and support him training the swamp and once the swamp is drained you're welcome to come in and scrape the scum off the bottom and begin organizing

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