The Laundry Routine | Marie Kondo Method

Laundry day!

Storage Boxes –

Detergent –

Drying Rack –

Deodorizer Spray –

Shot With:
Canon 6DII –
Canon 24-70 –
Canon 100 –
Crane 2 –
DJI Pphantom 4 Pro –
Tripod –

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38 thoughts on “The Laundry Routine | Marie Kondo Method”

  1. This is appreciated. Not only because a lot of people are brought up not doing laundry… but a lot guys aren’t taught to take care of themselves and their belongings. Thank you for changing that

  2. Wait wait wait! I haven’t in the last 15 years used a deo that wasn’t 100% natural- luckily I don’t sweat much. But I still stay away from white shirts because they still have yellowing.

  3. May i add to the drying part…24 hrs will not dry coz in door and depending on the fabrics. Perhaps after 2 days. I put them in dryer for 5-10 mins med to low heat to get rid of dust and moist. I do try to avoid full dryer time…meaning from wet to 100% dry. Coz heat does most damage to fabrics everytime we dry clothes…like a toaster…your white t-shirt goes brown etc. Using bleach also damages fabrics so use it as less as possible and rinse more. Thanks for sharing your tips.

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