Tidy Up Your Home: The KonMari Method : Greeting and introduction

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Tidy Up Your Home: The KonMari Method
Learn how to properly tidy your home and spark joy in your life!


48 thoughts on “Tidy Up Your Home: The KonMari Method : Greeting and introduction”

  1. I can imagine the pressure on her friends when she invites them for lunch . "you moved your fork let me help you to put it back on the table so that it s tidy around..
    – but how do we eat?
    -tidying is more important than eating, what you have to understand is that mess makes me nervous if you eat i will have to organize you…
    – oh OK uh oh gosh time is passing so fast let s get out of here guys.
    -bye don't forget to wipe your shoes before you go out, remember we try to live in a tidy world."
    This is somehow freaking me out… 😁

  2. "when I was 15 I tided up everything… But it wasn't enough for me, I spent my days tidying my friends homes even my classrooms…" hum…it sounds like a serious obsessive compulsive disorder! Has she thought about consulting or maybe give it a good fart?

  3. sounds excellent. I must also add that She speaks English in a beautifully clear and well modulated manner. I will watch the rest of your Videos Ms Kondo,thank you! Arigato gozai mashita! ( i hope i got that right!). Best regards from the U.K.

  4. I like tidy places but I also appreciate that some people work best with their own kind of mess. Without the mess, it's hard to think. This lady is doing great for people who want to be tidy and organised but I wonder if for her it might be OCD? You know, when tidying your own house isn't enough and you feel the compulsive need to tidy other's too? I do need to discard a few things in my home, maybe I'll start with the other humans.

  5. She is an absolute beast. killing it. She is so inspiring and motivational and her book really does change lives. I cant stand when i watched Ellen and the audience was basically mocking her. even ellen too.

  6. I wish I could clone you. For years I have had no problem with cleaning organising and decluttering. Then I got a condition called ME/CFS followed by fibromyalgia. This not only causes pain physically, but effects you mentally, so little things that were so easy to sort out before, become like a mountain. You can't think straight, get muddly, plus feel so tired and fatigued, that you feel it is impossible to get back on track. Even just watching this video which is excellent, to then implicate it into practise is a struggle. I just need to get back on track and house and things sorted out, then I am determined to keep it that way, it is just the starting it.

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