What is the KONMARI METHOD? Marie Kondo’s 6 Steps to Decluttering Magic

Ever wondered exactly what the Konmari method is or how to use it to declutter your home? Today, we’re talking about Marie Kondo’s 6 steps to decluttering magic. Want to learn more about the Konmari Method? Check out Marie’s books and TV show linked below!

» The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: https://amzn.to/2Y1ihjR
» Spark Joy: https://amzn.to/2uaAP3u
» Tidying Up: https://www.netflix.com/title/80209379

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18 thoughts on “What is the KONMARI METHOD? Marie Kondo’s 6 Steps to Decluttering Magic”

  1. One of my favorite tips is to get rid of the items you declutter in one category before moving on to the next category. Like when you've decided which clothes to keep, donate the ones you don't want before moving on to books. If I didn't give away the things I didn't want right away, I tended to circle back around and keep some of the things I had first decided to give away!

  2. One eye-opening fact was: „It´s not about what to declutter, it´s about what to keep.“

    So you don´t just throw stuff out, you want to reorganize your life and therefore you have to question everything.

  3. Great job on explaining the method! I’m excited because this video is just what I needed. I am about to start the Konmari method in home and I cannot wait. Tfs

  4. One flaw I see with the "Does this item spark joy and make me feel mushy/happy?" method: If this were the standard that were always used, no mother would ever be able to declutter their child's old baby clothes. Lol. Same with the kid's art work, etc. It would be difficult. Imagine a mom holding her child's onesie from 5 years ago, smelling it, seeing it, and realizing her kid is growing up….yeah she's gonna tell you that item sparks joy. So that's a bit of a roadblock in the plan. 😉

  5. I think the favourite thing I've learned through reading her book is to not ~just~ love what I keep in my house, but to not be afraid to ~use~ something I love for fear of damaging it. I used to be so careful with the nicer things I owned, that I loved, but that meant that they weren't being used. So that defeats the point of owning them! So I've learned to not just love, but love using the things I love everyday. And if they break they can be replaced with something I love just as much

  6. I started decluttering before I ever heard of Mari Kondo or her method. I've never even read her book. I was so overwhelmed with stuff and developed anxiety over clutter. I found minimalism in general on youtube and I went for it. It was not hard for me at all. Iwent through my entire home in one weekend. It felt amazing. Anytime clutter builds up I tackle it immediately. It's been over three years now since I started the process and I have not had more than one or two times that I have wished I hadn't gotten rid of something I decluttered. The only thing that is hard for me is my kids art work (no, taking a picture of it is not just as good) and my daughters' toys (she's stubborn and is not fooled by the "let's just put it in storage for a while . . . method".) But other than that everything in my home is used and loved and I'm always in a constant state of evaluating the items we have. When I find myself creeping back into old shopping habits I get real with myself real quick. I'm not a "minimalist" by definition, nor do I care to be (whatever it really means anyway). But I can confidently say that nearly all items in our home we use and the have value.

  7. I find for me that the kon Marie method works really well with clothing, books and dvd's/dvd's, but when it comes to some komono and paper i find it really difficult cause a lot doesn't spark joy but are things I need to keep (eg a nail clipper or comb, I know that my personal hygiene is important and that they help me get that, but still, you get the point) or are things that all spark joy, even when I don't use it (music books for my violin I almost never play anymore). Also paperwork I found really difficult cause I don't know what I need to keep so I intent to keep much more. Luckily I am not like my parents (extreme hoarders…)

  8. Thank you for explaining the Konmari method. I never tried her method of decluttering. I don't think her method is for me. If I have to ask questions as to why I'm keeping it nothing will leave my space. The video you make really help me declutter my living space.

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