46 thoughts on “How to Hide Wires & Cables (Part 6 of 9 Home Office Organization Series)”

  1. Absolutely LOVE every feature you showed on this video! I've already made my list of things to buy, because I don't like a messy work space! Thank you for sharing your video with us!

  2. I too use a cable box and love it. I dont like seeing the powerboard and laptop adapter and it makes the cables look much neater. Best thing I use is a powercube that is an awesome product.

  3. Like the donut shaped item, I just wrap the excess cord around four fingers and use a rubber band to hold that together, and I saw somewhere you can use binder clips at the edge of the table for like unused usb cords so they don't fall or something, and to identify, cute washi tape near both ends :)

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