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Marie Kondo Sparks Joy! with Wendy Goodman

March 27, 2019

#Marie Kondo’s unique KonMari Method of tidying up is nothing short of life-changing—and her first book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, has become a worldwide sensation. The decluttering demigoddess returns to our stage to dig deeper into some of her fans’ burning questions about clearing clutter – and sparking joy. From organizing specific items […]

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Marie Kondo can fold ANYTHING. Watch her demonstrate

March 19, 2019

Marie “Konmari” Kondo shows how to fold a Kimono T-shirt, festival pants, and a “weird sweater.” source

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Marie Kondo: The 3 Steps to Her “KonMari” Method

March 13, 2019

#Marie Kondo, Japan’s “Queen of Clean,” walks through the 3 steps to her “KonMari” method for a tidier, happier life. source

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