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Organize With Me! Pantry Organization | Tips for an Organized Pantry on a Budget

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PANTRY ORGANIZATION!! Time for another ORGANIZE WITH ME video filled with tips for an organized pantry on a budget as well as cleaning tips! Pantry organization, cleaning tips, & organization ideas for an organized home! In this video I’m cleaning my kitchen by organizing my pantry and giving a much needed Pantry makeover. This video contains organization hacks, cleaning tips, my cleaning routine, & just sharing how to organize on a budget! These are definitely some organization hacks, life hacks, and cleaning tips you need to know!! I hope you all enjoy! If you want to see more ORGANIZE WITH ME & CLEAN WITH ME VIDEOS, let me know by giving this video a thumbs up!!

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Thanks for hanging out with me today! I hope this video inspired you to organize your Pantry & made your Monday a bit BRIGHTER! Can’t wait to see you next week!!

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How to Organize a Closet by Dina Newman

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The first step is make sure that you have the right supplies on hand before you begin. You will need: Sturdy bags for donations or for those items that need to go to the dry cleaner; a full-Length Mirror so that you can try things on in the process to help you decide between “toss” and “keep, and a Basket for loose change, papers, rubber bands, hair clips, and other things that you might find in the process. You don’t want to have to stop to put away these small items so just put them aside for now into your catchall basket.
The next step is to empty the closet completely. Yes, completely. Everything out!’ It is best to have a clear, clean space to plan and visualize how you’re going to re-organize your closet.
Once you’ve done that you may want to get some supplies to help you organize. Consider investing in over-the door organizers, stackable shoe bins, drawer dividers and under-the-bed bins. You can store some of the rarely worn or used items that were in your closet under your bed and free up some valuable space. Supplies to have when organizing:

Next, you need to decide what to keep and what to toss or donate. To help you decide, ask yourself these three questions: Do you love it?; Do you wear it? ; Does it fit? If the answer is YES to all 3, then you can place those items into the pile of things to keep.
If it doesn’t fit, put it directly into the donation pile along with other items that you no longer like or want. More importantly, if you have haven’t worn something for more than 6 months, it is probably time to toss it, sell it or donate it.
The next step is to sort through everything and group like items together. For example, put all jackets together, all socks together, dresses with dresses, etc.
Now you’re ready to put everything back . The important thing to remember is that you should put things back in a way that makes sense to you, utilizes all of your available space and is easy to maintain. For example, you might want to reserve the front and middle of your closet for clothes you wear most often, making sure your work clothes are easily accessible. Lesser-worn items like formal dresses may be put towards the back of your closet, out-of-season clothes towards the back or on the upper shelves.
The best advice I can offer is to maintain your closet organization a little each day. Hang up your clothes when you take them off and put dirty clothes directly into the hamper.

Finally, if you buy something new, think about giving something else up for donation. The Rule of Thumb is, for each item that goes in, one item should come out.
I recommend completely re-organizing your closet once a year or, you can break it into smaller pieces by organizing seasonally. If you choose to reorganize once a year, choose a date that you’ll remember and make a habit of sticking to it the same time each year. If you choose to do it by season, well, the first day of each season should make things easy to remember!

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How to Organize Your Life : Organizing Nonhanging Items in a Closet

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Using drawers and shelves for unused articles of clothing can help keep a closet clean and orderly, learn how to organize a closet in this free video.

Expert: Katrina Cameron
Contact: www.operationorganization.com
Bio: Katrina Cameron is the owner of “Operation Organization” in Los Angeles. She specializes in organizing homes, offices, garages and businesses.

Filmmaker: Nili Nathan



How To Organize Your Home Part 1: Organizing The Entryway

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How To Organize Your Home Part 1: The Entryway

Join us for a tour of our home’s entry area as we share how it is organized and why I organized it this way. This organization system is very easy for even the young children to use and is a lot less frustrating than other kinds of closet or entryway organizing because it’s a nice looking system that the kids will actually use.

It is functional, with a designated place for each person’s items and I was also able to decorate it in a way that is cozy and feels good.

Each family member has a designated set of decorative hooks to hang coats, scarves, mittens, purses and backpacks, there is a designated spot for each person’s shoes and even a basket for items that are waiting to be returned to the store or delivered to someone.

Join us for this brief tour and then share your great organizing ideas in the comments below!

Here are some of the main points in this video:

0:57 When we moved into this house, we had this little tiny closet for 6 people to store shoes, coats and everything. There was no way that as going to work and I had to come up with another storage system for coats and shoes.

1:41 How we organize our coats

2:06 Showing and talking about our coat system

2:13 I attached 2 boards this way – boards that i got for free – and I attached these cute decorative hooks from Hobby Lobby.

2:52 Everybody knows where his or her stuff goes.

2:59 Decorated with pictures from when we were all 6 months old

3:25 Storing shoes – Neatly placed on mats in case the shoes are dirty

3:55 How I re-created a decorative letter when I needed another one

:06 I added a shorter section for our youngest son, who was 4 years old at the time and it worked out perfectly because he couldn’t quite reach the original hook height.

5:59 I love old windows. My neighbor was moving and gave me a free mirror that looks like an old window, which looks great here!

6:20 A lovely gardening picture that was a gift from my aunt.

6:39 Funny sayings and encouragement for everyone to see just before they leave home.

7:20 My basket for things that need to be returned to the store or are waiting to be returned or delivered to people

7:49 That’s how we organize our entryway. Comment below and share your tips and ideas about how you organize your entryway!

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10 Organizing Secrets – Easy Organizing Ideas

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How to: Organize your Closet/Bedroom

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“Clean your room!” ~Every mom ever
Here, I simplify organizing down to 3 steps so you can keep your room as clean as your mom wants it to be!

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May your room be clean as a package of sterile bandages.

See you guys next time!!!

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Project Organize: Master Bathroom Closet Mini Project

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Just a small change for our master bathroom closet, a bit of Spring cleaning out, and replacement of some wire baskets that weren’t the best option for the space. I purchased some square baskets from Target ($24) and repurposed some Itso storage bins that were already in the closet to reconfigure our main shelf of use, so that it was more functional.


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How to Organize Your Life : Using Bins & Hangers to Organize a Closet

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From summer underwear to winter gloves, everything should have its place within a closet so you never lose it. Learn how to maximize space with closet bins in this free video.

Expert: Katrina Cameron
Contact: www.operationorganization.com
Bio: Katrina Cameron is the owner of “Operation Organization” in Los Angeles. She specializes in organizing homes, offices, garages and businesses.

Filmmaker: Nili Nathan



HOW TO CLEAN YOUR BEDROOM CLOSET! Quick & Easy Closet Cleaning Ideas (Clean My Space)

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You asked, I answered. Here’s my way of cleaning a bedroom closet. I’ll cover cleaning as well as organizing and space-saving ideas.


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It’s one of the more obvious, and more challenging spring cleaning jobs. Cleaning a bedroom closet can be seen as dreadful, but I think it’s time very well spent and the results are absolutely amazing.

Remove everything, clean your closet, sort your clothing, and then replace it all in an neat and tidy manner. Check the blog for all the details and instructions! PLACE THE LINK HERE.


How to Clean Your Bedroom

How to Keep Your Bedroom Clean


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Storage Boxes for Sweaters

Let us know your questions, tips and tricks in the comments!

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