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HACKS To Organize A Small Closet – closet organization diy 2016

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How to Organize Your Clothes – Wardrobe Tips

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How to Organize Your Clothes – Wardrobe Tips – as part of the women’s style series on clothing and fashion by GeoBeats.

The first thing that is really important to do when you have a closet full of clothes and you are not sure what to wear is actually go through them. And you really need to go through every piece and it sounds daunting, but once you get in the habit of doing it it is not so daunting after all. What you want to do is when you start to go through things you try things on if there is something that is stained or ripped or that you have not worn in years and years and does not have any meaning to you, it is not your favorite pair of college jeans or something you should put it in a donation pile. I am sure there is a local shelter in your area that would really appreciate to have these things, for instance this pair of pants. You cannot tell by the way it is folded right now but they have stains on the back. They need to go.

The next pile that you will create is a pile of things that used to work for you but do not work for you anymore. And maybe they have some value. Maybe they are in good shape. So a consignment store is a great route to go. So make a pile of clothes for the consignment store and the beauty of the consignment store is you might get some money back and then you can spend money on things that you will need to fill in your wardrobe once you have cleaned it out. So it is a really good tip. Something like this, maybe had its day for you. You used to love you do not wear it anymore. Someone else will like it and get use out of it. The third pile that you will want to create is a pile of clothing that you have but you are not sure how to wear or you have not worn it in a while so you need to look at it again in a different way, something like this. So you pull this dress out. It is a great dress but you realize you have not worn it in awhile and its good quality and so you want to think about it. So that pile is the pile you are actually going to work with and you are going to really put all those clothes on and try something different with it. Try to wear it in a way you did not.

So here is this great dress and maybe it is just too bold so you are going to try to put a cardigan over it and break the pattern up a little bit. Or maybe you will put some tights on with it and break it up that way. Maybe you will try flats instead of heels and wear it during the day instead of at night. But you will all of a sudden create a new outfit for yourself if you feel comfortable in it and if you end up not, you have got your two other piles. These are all ways in which you can feel that you have a workable wardrobe and that is the key to getting dressed easily in the morning.




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I just recently did a spring cleaning in my closet and I thought that it was a great idea to film for the first time a closet tour of my temporary closet at home! I had to get rid off of a lot of stuff (more than half of my stuff) so we can fit everything on this tiny closet. I’m planing to do a new one when my real walk in closet is done, next year. Hope you guys like this video! ENJOY!


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How I Organize my Closet!

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Hey everyone!

Trying to get the videos flowing again! Here is a tour of my brand new wardrobe/closet I got for my bedroom to replace my dresser! Check it out! I hope you enjoy!

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How to: Organize your Closet/Bedroom

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“Clean your room!” ~Every mom ever
Here, I simplify organizing down to 3 steps so you can keep your room as clean as your mom wants it to be!

A big thank you to Chadra Miller for recommending this video!!!

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May your room be clean as a package of sterile bandages.

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Quick Tips: How to Organize Your Closet

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Weeding out your wardrobe? Turn the hangers on iffy items. If they remain untouched in 6 months, you’ll see at a glance what to give away.

Man 1: Weeding out your wardrobe? Turn the hangers on iffy items. If they remain untouched in six months, you’ll see at a glance what to give away.

Man 2: More saving. More doing. That’s the power of The Home Depot.



Project Organize: Master Bedroom Closet

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