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DIY Hairstyles! Hair Tutorial with 10 DIY Quick Hairstyles for School & 10 DIY Hair Accessories

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Hairstyles & DIY hair accessiories! In this hair tutorial I show 10 quick and easy hairstyles for medium hair, long hair and short hair. I also show 10 easy DIY hair accessories. The hairstyles are super easy and perfect for school because they only take seconds to make. These quick hairstyles are also perfect for medium hair, short hair or long hair. What I like about these hairstyles is that they keep your hair out of your face, which really makes them the perfect hairstyles for school. You know I love my DIY projects and DIY crafts so in this hair tutorial besides 10 beautiful hairstyles for long hair, for short hair and for medium hair; I will also show you ten epic DIY hair accessories that make any hairstyle hundred times better! You can also keep some of the hair accessories in your locker at school. That way you can easily make a perfect hairstyle when you arrive to school or after PE. No need to wake up early just to fix your hair. All 10 hairstyles are very easy and very fashionable at the same time, so get your crafty spirit and let’s get started.


The first hairstyle in this hair tutorial is so cute and easy and it includes a wired headband. I made a headband using a piece of fabric, wire and hot glue. A wired headband is perfect to jazz up any kind of hairstyle: pony tail, messy bun or side braid. You can use it whether you have medium hair, short hair or long hair.

Buns are a great way to keep your hair out of your face and they are so easy to make. But flower buns are also so cute and pretty to look at. I made a flower wrap by sticking flowers on a string. This hairstyle is great for short and medium hair.

Fabric headbands are super convenient for school or gym but they also add a nice little detail to your hairstyle. I made my braided headband using old t-shirts. Just tuck the frond sections of your hair under the headband you are left with a great hairstyle for medium, short and long hair.

Flowers have been a number one hair accessory recently. If you don’t want a big flower crown in your hair, but rather a little detail, a flower attached to the hairclip is a perfect idea. This DIY takes seconds to make and looks great with so many different hairstyles. You can rock it whether you have medium hair, short hair or long hair too.

All of us with long or medium hair wear pony tails from time to time, since they are just so conveniet. However, your pony tails don’t have to be plain and borring any more. In this hairstyles tutorial I show you how to make DIY beaded hairties using beads and colorful elastic ribbon.

Plastic headbands are so easy to wear. You can just grab one and make a perfect hairstyle on your way to school. They can spice up numerous different hairstyles and you can wear them with short, medium or long hair. I decorated my headband using colorful thread.

Hairstyles with bows are just way better than hairstyles without them, right? In the video I show you how to make an easy DIY hair bow and also how I like to wear it. A quick and cute hairstyle for scool!

Lately the stores have been full of flower crowns. I love how these make our hairstyles so much more interesting and fun. But they can be quite expensive, so I show you an easy and cheap way of making your own DIY flower crown. I decided to use daisies but you can make your crown using any kind of flowers. Flower crowns can spice up many different hairstyles and can be used with medium, short or long hair. I paired mine with a side braid for a relaxed bohemian look.

You probably have some flowy scarves in your closet. They can make any outfit look more full and interesting, but they can also work as an awesome hair accessory. In the video I use my animal print scarf to make a cute bow headband. I also made a quick half updo to complete this pin up inspired hairstyle.

Last but not least I show you how to make a statement flower headband, by gluing flowers on a plastic headband. This DIY hair accessory is perfect for any hair length – medium hair, long hair or short hair. I paired my headband with a low side pony tail for a girly and pretty hairstyle.

Help me translate this DIY Project: https://www.youtube.com/timedtext_video?v=2D4fad2-Kdc

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DIY – Hanging Closet Organizer

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Hey guys! This DIY project can definitively prove useful for socks, cosmetics, underwear, hair products and a whole bunch of other stuff.
What you will need:
Glue Gun
Sequins or any other material you will need to decorate your pockets!
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DIY Hanging Closet Organizer | Basic Girls Guide

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Dani and Catherine show you how to take extra fabric from previous BGG DIY’s and and turn it into a practical hanging closet organizer!

-clothes hanger
-rope or string
-large piece of fabric
-smaller pieces of fabric for the pockets
-needle & thread
-measuring tape


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Closet Organizer on Wheels – Easy DIY Shelf Unit

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Supply list:
3 – 1″ x 10″ x 8′ pine or wood of choice (alternate: You can make this with one less shelf with 2-6′ & 1-8′ 1″x10″s. Then there’s no cutting the sides.)
1 – 1/4″ x 8′ x 4′ plywood
1 – Kreg pocket hole jig
2 cabinet pull handles
4 – 1 5/8″ casters.
finishing nails, 1.25″ wood screws, hammer, screw driver, paint

Rip the plywood into 3, 16″ panels. (Lowe’s ripped mine for free.)
Cut 2 of the 8′ 1x10s to 72″ length.
Cut remaining 1×10 into 7, 14.5″ shelves. 2 will serve as top and bottom.
Pocket hole the shelves with 3 holes on each side.
Glue & nail 16″ plywood to the two side panels.
Mount shelves every 12″.
Mount casters at each bottom corner.
Add handles to one side that will face the middle of the closet.