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Desk Makeover: DIY Organization + My Essentials!

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THUMBS UP for cute desks!

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I just recently gave my desk an entire makeover! Here are some of my favorite DIY organization projects and also my desk essentials 🙂 (yes there is food included) (you know me)

If you try decided to spice up your desk space send me pics!
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Professional Organizer Houston, organize home office

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Professional Organizer Houston | Personal Organizer Houston | Closet Organizer Houston | Residential Organizing Houston. Get Organized Today!
European Professional Organizer in Houston,TX can help you organize your: closet, garage, living room, home office, junk drawer, bathroom, etc. Remember to start small. Work stack by stack, pile by pile. Home offices are one of the more difficult spaces to organize because we are tied to our papers …



How to Hide Wires & Cables (Part 6 of 9 Home Office Organization Series)

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In this video I show you how I organize and hide all of my wires and cords behind my desk to reduce frustration while making things easily accessible. This is part 6 of a 9-part home office organization series. Parts 7 through 9 are coming soon!

Part 1 – How to Organize Your Office Files: http://www.alejandra.tv/blog/2014/01/video-organize-office-files-home-office-organization-part-1-9/

Part 2 – How to Organize Your Desk: http://www.alejandra.tv/blog/2014/01/video-organize-desk-part-2-9-home-office-organization-series/

Part 3 – How to Organize Your Desk Drawers: http://www.alejandra.tv/blog/2014/02/video-organize-desk-drawers-part-3-9-home-office-organization-series/

Part 4 – How to Organize Your Mail: http://www.alejandra.tv/blog/2014/02/video-organize-mail-part-4-9-home-office-organization-series/

Part 5 – How to Organize Your Office Closet: http://www.alejandra.tv/blog/2014/02/video-organize-office-closet-part-5-9-home-office-organization-series/

Part 6 – This is Part 6!

Part 7 – How to Store Gift Wrap: http://www.alejandra.tv/blog/2014/03/video-store-gift-wrap-part-7-9-home-office-organization-series/

Part 8 – How to Organize Small Things: http://www.alejandra.tv/blog/2014/03/video-organize-small-part-8-9-home-office-organization-series/

Part 9 – How to Organize Batteries: http://www.alejandra.tv/blog/2014/03/video-organize-batteries-part-9-9-home-office-organization-series/

Thanks for watching and happy organizing 🙂

View all my Home Office Organizing & Paper Management videos here: http://www.alejandra.tv/home-organizing-videos/home-office-paper-management-organizing-tips/



Professional Organizer NYC | 917-745-4411 | Big Apple Organizers Professional Organizers

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✓ Home Organization ✓ Closet Organization ✓ Apartment Organization ✓ Unpacking ✓ Packing ✓ Decluttering

Big Apple Organizers Professional Organizers
12 John Street -A
New York, NY 10038
(917) 745-4411

Finding The Best Organizers NYC Has To Offer

You can find these companies very easily by searching on the web, looking at websites like Yelp. This is where people can advertise their services, and they can also get rated by people that have used them, allowing them to post feedback. If they are doing a great job, these companies will have four or five star ratings, and also have positive testimonials attesting to how wonderful they actually are. Once you have enough of this feedback buildup, it acts like should a bulletin board, bringing you in more business than you can probably handle, all because you are doing a great job.

When you use organizers, it will be very simple for you to get everything up to speed. These individuals will have the ability to change your life in a positive way because they will organize everything. Whether you are trying to find your way through your closet, organize your desk, or your office if that is where the problem lies, these people will know exactly what to do to help you out to save you quite a bit of time. Do your research and contact the best New York City organizers today.