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How to Declutter Your Life (The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up) | beautybitten

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10 Tips on How to Declutter the KonMari Way
Blog post: http://bit.ly/2bgVbfN
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– What would you do with the extra time and space in your life?
– What’s the one valuable tip you’ve learned while decluttering that you’d pass on to someone?

Here are my 10 Tips on how to tidy the KonMari way. Getting started with the whole minimalism journey was probably the most challenging for me. I didn’t know where to begin. The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying up by Marie Kondo has been my “bible” when it comes to decluttering my home. In this video, I’m going to share some of the things that I’ve learned while going through the process by breaking it down in 10 easy tips.

Get the book: http://bit.ly/1T4CoGo

✖︎ 10 Tips on How to Tidy the KonMari Way ✖︎
1. Visualize the ‘Why?’
2. Make it an event
3. Focus on one category (checklist here: http://bit.ly/2bgVbfN)
4. Take it out and hold it
5. Ask ‘Does It Spark Joy?’
6. Think of the purpose it has served
7. Avoid putting things back
8. Assign a home
9. Don’t get your friends and family involved
10. Say ‘Thank You!’

Download the checklist here: http://bit.ly/2bgVbfN


– Minimalism: Why I started

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Minimalism Journey & KonMari Method / Review of Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, Marie Kondo

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Just a little video about my journey to becoming a minimilist! One of my new year resolutions was to reduce the amount of things in my life, and I thought I’d do a small update about this for this weeks’ blog. Initially, I was going to do a book review of “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo, but it was very difficult to do without giving too much information away from the book. I don’t believe it’s right for me to summarise the book in a 5 minute video, when an author has probably sat for at least a year writing a fantastic book – I personally don’t agree with that although I have seen some YouTubers doing it. The book is amazing, and all I can say is that it brings awareness and a new level of appreciation for the things you own, so you will make sure to put your stuff back and keep things tidy when you have finished this book! This book includes the “KonMari method” – which is a process of getting rid of things you no longer need. This book will definitely help you make the first step needed to living a minimalist lifestyle.

This video is more of a brief vlog about what minimalism is, and what it means for me. Everyone is different and may choose to do this for different reasons, like to save money, to become a more charitable person, or simply to just become more tidy!

I hope you enjoyed this weeks video 🙂
UPDATE: I have downsized everything, got rid of my car, my house, sold many of my valuables and I’m now travelling the world. You can see my travel videos below but I will be continuing to live a minimalist life. I have changed my diet to a vegetarian diet also.

Links to my travel videos below 🙂

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How I Got Rid of All My Bad Friends // The KonMari Method // Minimalism

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How to use the KonMari method to get rid of bad friends

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KonMari Method- DECLUTTERING CD’s/ DVD’s (Komono)

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Hey Guys…I’m continuing to apply the KonMari Method to DECLUTTER my home and the next category is Komono, which is broken up into several subcategories…So I tackled the first one, which is CD’s/DVD’s…
WARNING: This may not be Kondo approved, but sometimes you just have to make the decluttering process fun :}

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KonMari Method – Speed Cleaning – REAL TIME Demonstration

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I feel like tidying is a skill that can be used and perfected throughout ones lifetime. Instead of looking at it as something you do just once, I think it is an art form that you learn to appreciate and get better at. 🙂

WARNING: This may be a boring video. This is a real time demonstration of the Kon Mari Method with commentary. Time Lapse videos are very slick and sexy – but I wanted to keep it real with you guys and show you some real time KonMari cleaning. I already did all the categories – but I still have some stuff that slipped the cracks.

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How I Got Rid of All My Clothes // The KonMari Method // Minimalism

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KonMari Complete Series #13 Komono: Home Supplies

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In this video we are tackling all the essential household supplies in various places within our homes – cleaners, detergent, medicine, paper towel and toilet paper. It was a bit more work than I was anticipating, but the results were pleasing! Check it out!!

Next video: Kitchen series *I have yet to determine if this will be organized with subcategories, or whether I’ll tackle it altogether – let me know what you think!!*

The Series:
Follow along, even better, join me, as I complete the KonMari method of tidying and organizing our entire home. With three children age four and under, a dog, and a husband this would normally be a seemingly impossible undertaking, yet with insightful know-how of best-selling author Marie Kondo I know it will be manageable and even better, exciting and life changing.

This series will take you through the entire method described and explained in Kondo’s book titled, ‘The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up” through my vlog as I go!

**New videos will be posted, minimally, once a week as I complete the method step-by-step. I will be “real”, honest and forthcoming with how I am fairing out.

I’d love for you to join me in this journey – it will be fun and motivating. All positive, constructive and well-intended comments are welcome in the spirit of helping myself and others during this series! I would love your input, suggestions, feedback – including how I’m organizing this series.

Cheers to better, more organized days ahead!

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