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How to Build Simple DIY Shoe Rack Shelves!

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Check out these super simple shoe rack shelves I built for my wife as a Valentine’s day gift. Her shoe collection was getting cramped in her closet, so I built this simple shelf system using inexpensive, easy to get, off the shelf parts, to help her organize and make all of her shoes more accessible.

Simple DIY Wall Stud Finding Trick:

Simple DIY Dowel Rod Coat Rack:

Wall Mounted Coat Rack Made From Furniture Scraps:

DIY 2×3 Shoe Changing Bench:

Modern Dresser Makeover w/ Leather Belt Handles:

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Closet organization in KonMari method

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There has been a lot of talk about the KonMari method. The idea is to remove everything from your life that does not bring you joy. I have been following this method, but have added a few things of my own β€” because it’s about sustainability. If I am not going to continue the organization after the first time I do it, there is no point.

It is important to change any tips you like to fit your life. In this video, I show you how I organize my closet β€” based on KonMari β€” but how I changed it to fit my own life.

Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions! And let me know, how do you organize your closet?

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Life Hacks: Bathroom Organization, Storage + Cleaning! | Monica Church

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Spring Life Hacks you must know for a clean organized bathroom!
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Hey guys! Today I am showing you some life hacks you need to know for great bathroom organization and storage for spring cleaning! I am doing a spring cleaning series on my channel, should my next video be Life Hacks: Closet Organization and Storage, or bed room organization and storage?! Comment below which you’d like to see! Onto the life hacks.
Life Hack for your bathroom is to use lemons as a natural cleaner. The citric acid found in lemons naturally kills germs, shines silver, and smells great!
Life Hack Steripods! Steripods are these little cases you put on your tooth brush. They release vapors that keep it fresh, and protect against bacteria in your bathroom. Its also great for traveling!
Life Hack Cleanser Bombs! Add a cup of baking soda and half a cup of cream of tar tar. Mix with a few table spoons of water. Scrunch into balls and let sit for 24 hours. You can drop these into your sinks, showers, toilets, etc. to freshen them up easily.
Life Hack DIY air freshener. Add baking soda into a mason jar with essential oil. Shake to give an extra scent into a room.
Life Hack Cookie jar storage! These are great for excessive amounts of products you may have such as lip gloss or nail polish. They are only 5 dollars at target!
Life Hack Hot tool hooks! Use command hooks as directed, place in the inside of your cabinet and wrap your straightener/curlers onto them!
Alright, those are my diy organization tips for cleaning my room! Do it yourself, and you with have a clean bathroom with a ton of storage. Cleaning your bathroom sucks, thats why you need to know these life hacks!

FTC: This video is sponsored by Steripod. All thoughts and opinions are honest and my own! Hey I am Monica Church a 19 year old girl who loves makeup, fashion, beauty, and film! Put those all together and you have “hairodynamic”. On this channel I create hauls, tutorials, lookbooks, outfit ideas, back to school, and DIY videos- check them out!



Closet makeover! Before + After!

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Open for more Maddy

My furniture:

Closet organizer: http://www.amazon.com/ClosetMaid-1608-Closet-Organizer-White/dp/B000JJDJ9G/ref=sr_1_28?ie=UTF8&qid=1440448651&sr=8-28&keywords=closet+maid

Dresser: Ikea

Locker: Ikea

Mirror: Target


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Professional Organizer Thalia Poulos – “Find Your Closet Organizing Mantra”

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Thalia, Professional Organizer and Speaker, explains a loving approach to deciding what should stay in your closet.

Thalia Poulos is author of:
From Disorganized to Organized Beautifully: How Six Organizing Personality Styles Got Organized & How You Can Too!
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Photo credit: Yelena Yahontova