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The best shoe organizer

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A great shoe rack for your closet. Brought to you by Naeemah Ford Goldson of Restore Order professional organizing. You can purchase the shoe rack here http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004FNBWQ4?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s01



ItsLaChesTime Season 2 Vlog # 2 – Closet Organizer

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As always thanks for your love and support guys.

Hi loves, like I said guys I added the missing clip from yesterday’s vlog at the beginning. Today’s vlog right after and hopefully the audio will work this time.

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How To Make An Easy Homemade Storage Organizer

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How To Make An Easy Homemade Storage Out Of Ziploc Bags

In this video, Jill demonstrates how to make a very useful, cheap and super easy storage organizer out of Ziploc bags. This organizer is useful for many things, like storing thread, buttons and sewing supplies, medications for travel, small toys, snacks for road trips or hiking, storing small items in diaper bags and more! If you have a need to store any small items that are often easily lost, like many things that end up in kitchen junk drawers, this is a great storage option.

Jill demonstrates how to make this Ziploc bag organizer out of sandwich sized bags, but you could also use the large freezer bags as well, depending on what you need to store. Also, you can use just a few bags or as many as 10 per organizer.

Here are some of the main points in this video:

0:04 Some of the things that are easier to organize with this storage organizer.

0:33 I stapled together several Ziploc baggies. Be sure to buy the type of zip top bags with the zipper on top and not the press and seal ones or it will be too difficult to use.

0:50 How I make one of these organizers. I start with the Ziploc baggies

1:04 I cut a piece of card stock to use to hold it together to keep the baggies from pulling and tearing.

1:25 Stapling the baggies together.

1:44 You can make them with as many or few bags as you need.

2:05 More great uses for this organizer

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Closet Organizer with Hanger Closet space saver

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The HankyTankyHanger has the unique ability to hang twelve tops or bottoms on one hanger. Hang tank tops, jeans, dresses, jerseys, leggings, baby dolls, leggings, dress pants, swimsuits, short sleeve blouses, scarves, camisoles, etc. HankyTankyHanger is guaranteed to triple the closet space for women, children and mens clothing or your money is refunded. Neatly hang twelve garments on a single hanger. The HankyTankyHanger visually displays your clothing so that you will never again say “Hey, I forgot I had that!” The Hanky Tanky makes hanging clothes fun and easy especially for children. Whether you are downsizing your closet area or need to expand your closet space for future purchases, the HankyTankyHanger is your answer.