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THE o.c.d | organise • clean • declutter | Garage Makeover

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THE o.c.d | organise • clean • declutter
Professional Home Organisers

Your garage can be such a daunting task to think of but thanks to these amazing Ezy Storage containers available from Officeworks we were able to declutter and consolidate this entire garage into a more organised and functional system with simple storage solutions.

We specialise in organising, cleaning and decluttering your home. We provide personalised and tailored solutions to suit your needs and that are easy to maintain.

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Closet Organizer – Part II

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In this video, I added 3 simple shelves in my daughters closet to create more storage.

Closet Organizer – Part I http://youtu.be/MiN23XOrPT4

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How I Organize My Garage: How To Organize Your Home, Part 5

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How To Organize Your Home, Part 5: How I Organize My Garage

In this video, I give you a tour of our garage and how we store various items. We try to keep as little stuff as we can get away with, so most of the stored items we have are stored in the garage.

I try to keep everything organized neatly in ways that make it easy to use and convenient to the place we’re most likely to use it.

Because we have been publishing books for many years, we do have a section of the garage with book inventory and for a shipping area, but we’re planning to stop shipping books from home when our current stock runs out, which should give us even more space.

If you like, you can see our books here:


Here are some of the main points in this video:

0:25 I am not anywhere near being OCD about this.

1:05 Scrapers, marshmallow roasting sticks, etc.

2:05 Trash can and recycling bin

2:18 Bike hooks for pitch forks, fishing poles, snow shovel, brooms

2:58 Ladders hung up; A homemade extension cord holder.

3:55 Extra folding table and chairs for company

4:10 Items that are waiting to leave our house, including a thrift store staging area.

4:51 Old kitchen cabinets we got for free and we use for chemical storage and winter storage of seasonal items.

5:26 Old shelf set I use to store all of my painting supplies.

6:30 Hanger by the door to hang brooms and mops where they’re easy to grab and use.

7:04 I painted the door to the house so the fingerprints wouldn’t show between cleanings.

8:11 Dustpans, rulers, levels

8:32 I put up a peg board over our tool bench.

8:43 I don’t expect perfection on the tool bench.

:10 How I made the work bench and how I organize it.

10:50 My junk drawer of extra screws and why I keep it.

11:11 More misc items – hooks, rollers, plumbing items, extra sockets.

11:40 On old 1950’s metal cabinet to store extra drill bits, shims, a jigsaw, extra wires and cable and so forth.

12:07 Funnels, knee pads, bungee cords and a bike hook for an extension cord we use regularly.

12:39 I put a power strip on the wall because we always need more outlets than we have.

13:04 On the top of the freezer, I hang my wreaths and other seasonal items.

13:16 Extra coolers and space heaters.

13:21 Shelves with a cooler and blankets always packed for impromptu day trips to the mountains, along with car related items, bike items and rope here.

14:45 My baskets and stuff for crafts and a couple of saws that don’t fit into any cabinet.

16:05 Miscellaneous storage stuff. Camping items, old antiques that I’m deciding if I really want, my summer flower arrangement, old windows that I use for craft projects

17:13 Bikes – Bike hooks, but the bikes aren’t organized as well as we’d like.

17:37 Bowflex that we got free from the neighbors. I’m using it to try to rehabilitate an injury.

18:12 Our Living On A Dime shipping center – A space that’s dedicated to packing and shipping our print books.

20:55 Firewood for when we have fire pits with the neighbors.

21:01 Tennis rackets, bike helmets, folding chairs and other outdoor and sports equipment

21:37 I try to keep things we use all the time close to the door.

22:24 Overhead garage storage to store irregular items that take up a lot of space and don’t store well.

24.12 We don’t have any other storage – no storage shed, almost nothing stored in the basement.

25:13 Conclusion and let us know your ideas!

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organizador para implementos de manicure hecho de cartón

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pueden ver el nuevo video de organizador kitty alli explico mejor las medidas y el procedimiento gracias:
para esta manualidad utilice:
pintura acrilica en color blanco, rosado y fuxia y para darle brillo laca para madera en spray
cinta para enmascarar
cinta duck tape
los jaladores los venden en la ferreteria
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Boot Organization: The Best Way to Store and Organize Boots

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Calling all boot lovers! Get your favorite footwear organized once and for all. Use The Boot Rack system to store, hang, and organize your boots.

Learn the easiest way to assemble The Boot Rack by Boottique, plus tips for hanging and storing your boots!

Detailed assembly video includes an overview of parts provided and a few tricks to make the three-step Boot Rack assembly even easier.

Ready to make your boot organization dreams a reality? Purchase the complete boot organizer and storage system from Boottique here: http://www.boottique.com/products/the-boot-rack