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DIY Wardrobe Organizer! Organize your Wardrobe QUICKLY!!! Tutorial!

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DIY Organization Life Hack! Organize your Belts, Ties & Scarves QUICKLY!!!

Make a scarf holder for ladies scarves with this easy diy project. You can also use this as a tie hanger so that you have a tie hanger for your ties! You can even use this as a belt hanger so that you don’t have to deal with those belts messing all around your room or closet! A scarf or a tie or a belt is one of the wardrobe essentials, so here is a diy to help all have a scarf organizer or tie hanger or a belt hanger for free! Learn how to make a scarf hanger/tie hanger/belt hanger in this video and let me know in the comments below what all other diy projects you would like to know.
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For this diy project you need:
1 clothes hanger
5 bangles
Ribbon strips: 4 x 13 cm each, 5 x 45 cm each

Procedure: For this closet organizer, we first wrap all the 5 bangles in the ribbon strips.Then we will tie all of them to the clothes hanger and to each other. Then trim all of the excess ribbon and in the end I have just added a ribbon rose. Your scarves hanger aka belt hanger aka tie hanger is ready and soo..you are good to go! Hope you liked this DIY Organization Life Hack! And now you can Organize your Belts, Ties & Scarves QUICKLY!!!
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DIY Organization Life Hack! Organize your Belts, Ties & Scarves QUICKLY!!!