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How to Build Walk-in Closet Storage | This Old House

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This Old House general contractor Tom Silva and host Kevin O’Connor build a storage system for a walk-in closet. (See below for a shopping list and tools.)

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Full episode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-fNTeCMbLCI&index=26&list=PLkJADc1qDrr-ZmCu0t_YNmTXHVt80JDyE

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Shopping List for How to Build Walk-in Closet Storage:
– ¾-inch birch plywood, for building the cabinet, shelves and dividers
– 13/16-inch-wide iron-on veneer, for adhering to the edges of the plywood top
– ½-inch birch plywood, for the cabinet backs
– fold-down wardrobe lift, used to make clothes more easily accessible5. Clothes rod, for hanging clothes
– slide-out shoe rack and pants rack, for neatly organizing shoes and pants
– assorted drywall screws, for assembling and installing cabinets

Tools for How to Build Walk-in Closet Storage:
– portable circular saw and straightedge guide, used to cut plywood parts to size
– router, used for cutting rabbets and dadoes
– drill/driver, used for drilling holes and driving screws
– jigsaw, used for making haunch cuts in shelves
– random-orbit sander, used for smoothing wood surfaces
– clothes iron, used to adhere iron-on veneer to plywood edges
– clamps, used to hold straightedge guide in place during cutting
– sanding block and 120-grit sandpaper, used for sanding veneer flush

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59″ portable closet/ wardrobe/ storage organizer @SONGMICS

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loving this 59″ portable clothes closet wardrobe storage organizer with curtain and 12 shelves form Songmics! I simply love the design and the space that this closet gives….it is so awesome….i have had other portable closets like this before and this one is way better and has such a great design to it….it is super easy to set up and put together…my hubby was able to get this put up in about 15 minutes and it is so sturdy…the material is a sturdy and great dark brown that goes with our bedroom furniture and everything…awesome…our master bedroom has no closets..i know it is strange …but that is why we use the portable closets they are convienent and easy to move but so far this is the best one we have tried….i can easily fit all of my dresses and shirts long sleeve and short on the bar in the center and underneith i can fit 2 storage boxes that hold my leggings and the very bottom center i can fit about 8-10 pairs of shoes and then there are the great square shaped cubbies on the sides that i can stack up sweaters or corsets or anything else i need to place there…..it has an easy to use string design that the front parts of the closet act like curtains and cans slide over the string with great holes in the material that are surrounded by a round hardware….and the middle zips up the closet closed…so fabulous…i received this product at a reduced price in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion…thank you so much for making such a fashionable , sturdy and well organized closet i simply love it…mom approved



Organizing Cube Shelves

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Today’s project: Organizing Closet Maid Cube Shelves. I know some of you will miss seeing the vanity but not to worry, it’s been reincarnated into two gorgeous mirrored nightstands, something that both Michael and I are able to utilize.

The fact is, I just never spent much time actually sitting at my vanity. It was pretty and it served as makeup storage, but the space wasn’t being used often enough. I needed a dresser more than anything. In a small cottage with no storage, space is at a premium and things need to be multifunctional. My dresser is a better use of that space, it now serves as my vanity, it holds all of my clothes, including beachwear and accessories, it’ll have a nail polish drawer, makeup drawer, jewelry drawer. It just works better for me. I always test things for awhile with the outlook of nothing is set in stone. If I discover an area needs improvement to become more efficient, I tweak it or change it without hesitation.

DIY Jewelry Organizers

On my nails: Zoya Dot and Monet




How to Organize Pots, Pans & Lids in the Kitchen

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I don’t know about you but I really dislike the sound of loud banging pots and pans! Silence is truly golden for me and that includes when I take out a pot or pan from the kitchen cabinet. In this video, I show you how to organize pots and pans to make them easily accessible (without all of the loud noise!).

In this video, I also show you how to organize lids to maximize space and again, make them easy to grab. It’s all about making things super duper easy to use. If its too hard to grab/use, chances are good, it won’t be used (or if it is, you’ll become frustrated when you access it)!

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