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I recently read ‘s book titled “‘The “. I have decided it is time to get the house organized and get rid of the ! I have already completed the clothing and book category, where I purged all of the unnecessary clutter that did not spark joy in my life. In this video I will show you how I completed the decluttering of all our and how I my papers now according to the .

If you haven’t already read the book I would definitely encourage you to do so. It is very inspiring. I will be following her method to do a complete of all the unnecessary clutter in my , I hope you stick around to see the transformation.

The next video will be a purge of my children’s playroom. I am so excited to tackle this category, we have too many toys!

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  1. Great video and thanks for sharing. Something else to consider for the 'keep forever' binder are copies of your wills, along with a home inventory to go along with your homeowner's insurance (although I suppose the home inventory might work better in the short term folder as it's probably something you'd want to refresh from time to time?).

  2. Hi there. I'm really enjoying watching your channel. I was just wondering how long it took you to do each of the steps. Did you schedule time to do this? We homeschool as well. Did you spend a lot of time on it, or bits and pieces here and there? Were you able to keep up with your regular daily and weekly chores? Thanks ☺

  3. You will need to keep your receipts for home improvements for a long time because when you sell your home they will become part of your tax return that year. You can add qualified expenses to the amount you paid for your home to arrive at a new basis and this will decrease the taxable gain on the home and decrease the amount of taxes you might have to pay someday when you sell. Talk to your tax preparer to verify though. Nice job on the decluttering!

  4. Thank you for this! I've been having a hard time finding examples of Marie Kondo's method of organizing papers. This is spot on how she described it in the book. The book is great, but seeing examples is more helpful.

  5. OMG, you don't need to tell use what all your files are. We get it, you are going to go thru all of your papers, yes, that is what this video is about. You talk for 5 min before you start saying anything that we all don't all ready know. You should review your video before you put it out. You say the same thing over and over. Some info is great but it takes so long to get it.

  6. I just read Marie Kondo's book and started watching videos to see how others interpreted how to use the book in their homes. I love your method for organizing papers. It must feel so good to get rid of all that you did! Congrats! I also couldn't help but notice that you graduated from SU. I did too! Go Orange!!

  7. I enjoyed your video and it inspires me to do more "tidying" myself.  One thing I've posted on a couple of other videos is scanning.  I went through all the papers I'd written in college, and all the receipts as well, and either got rid of them outright, or scanned them onto an external hard drive.  Storage is so inexpensive in this day and age, and even for papers you want to keep, there's no harm in redundancy via the electronic medium.  I keep all my leave and earning statements from work on the computer, and I back it up on a semi-regular basis.  Same for raises, promotions, and so on.

  8. Thank you for sharing about the paper and the KonMarie method of decluttering. I really liked seeing how simplified you made your paper category! I think mine will be much more daunting because I have saved so much paper for my work and for my personal it will probably take me several days to do it. But I am still finishing up my clothing category right now. I look forward to seeing more of your videos because it is very inspiring to me to see how other people approach this project. And it's actually changing my life. I was surprised that I was able to convince my clothing from a walk in closet to a small bedroom closet.

  9. I haven't started the KonMari method yet but I will be starting in June.  I did declutter paper and I too was amazed about how much excess paper we kept, I ended up with 2 trash bags full of shredded paper!!

  10. I'm almost done with the clothing category. It took me two weeks to do the clothing not counting accessories, shoes or bags. I found that I had to put a few categories of clothing back in some other areas of my house (socks, loungewear, workout wear, and jeans) that I didn't want to have to do, at least temporarily until I can go through the upper shelves of my closet. I hope that I'm not going against the rules but I do plan on moving those things out of those spaces and putting them in my closet once my shelves are cleared for space. My closet has a lot of books that I need to go through. I haven't seen anyone else with this problem yet but I did start out from using two closets (one in my bedroom and one in my foyer) and two dressers (one in my bedroom and four drawers of a dresser in the foyer.) Now I want to just utilize the one closet in my bedroom along with my one dresser and one drawer under my bed.

  11. The clothes and books were very easy. I did both in one afternoon. The papers are are going to be a bit more difficult as we have a ton of stuff to go through. My husband and I plan on doing that this weekend. I am not looking forward to the sentimental stuff either. 

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