24 thoughts on “KonMari Method | Spark Joy | Clothes Purge | DeClutter with Marie Kondo”

  1. Gina it's harder than we initially think it's going to be isn't it? I started with my clothing last year but found it completely exhausting. I did get rid of a lot of clothes and I had lost some weight so some of it was a no brainer. If they were too big for me I was glad to get rid of them. I thought I had done well but this past weekend our church had a collection for clothes and it was amazing how much I was still able to get rid of. My problem is getting my family to jump on board. Do the other members of your family that live with you help in decluttering. My husband and 19 year old son are pack rats. It was like pulling teeth to get them to declutter their closets. Thankfully the church collection was a bit of motivation. I just started watching you so I'm a bit behind on your videos.

  2. Good job. It is a big job but you did great. I loved when my clothing was done. It started my day off right to look in the closet and dresser to only see things that sparked joy for me. I just outlined the rest of my categories. I should be able to finish just as summer begins. Keep it up it does change your outlook on life.

  3. Good job! Don't forget that items like the jersey can go in the sentimental pile to go through last. That might help you if you find yourself getting stuck on those types of items in later categories.

  4. I love cleaning out and getting rid of things. My rule is that if I haven't used something in the past 12 months, then I don't need it. This goes for clothes, kitchen stuff, everything except strictly seasonal things. When all of the baggage is gone, you'll love it. Trust me, Girl! Love ya! Blessings…xoxo

  5. I did the 40 hanger challenge last year and I have stuck pretty good with it….it was emotionally taxing, but I donated anything that did not fit at that moment (I wasn't dieting, and should have been, so how was I going to get any smaller so that would fit?), didn't like or was ready to get rid of – good for you !

  6. please share this video on all your social media…I don't normally make requests like this, but if you have option to share these videos, I would surely appreciate it~ Thanks in advance for helping a crazy lady out~hugs to everyone , Gina

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