Spark Joy by Marie Kondo | First Impression

Hi Friends! In this video I share my first impression of ‘s second book, ““, which is the companion to her first book, “The life changing magic of tidying up”. “Spark joy” expands on a lot of the points in the first book about the , while providing visual aids and clarifies some of the things left unaddressed in “The life changing magic of tidying up”. Watch this video to learn my first impression of the book and whether I would recommend purchasing a copy!

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  1. Would you be able to do a review for Spark Joy chapter by chapter? Each video could be devoted to one chapter. Rachel from Sweet and Simple Home did book reviews in this format. One book she reviewed was Love the Home You Have by Melissa Michael's.

  2. yes so good glad I found you ! so good you clarified it ! for me i like pictures and detail so i think i will like it more and If I culled things and organised at the same i would never finnish !! and i like to finnish what i start . THank so much

  3. I'm less than halfway through the book at the moment, haven't had the time to read it as quick as the first one but I am really enjoying it so far. I seem to be doing a combination of decluttering and organising at the moment. My first sweep of the decluttering process is done but there is more to do so now I am condensing everything and reducing additional storage space while I get rid of things. I'm quite enjoying all her tips in the new book. I still have empty storage boxes lying around in case I will need them for organising at the end but some storage containers I can quite happily purge as I go.

  4. You are totally welcome!! Thank you for the videos they are so helpful. I love these types of videos! As for the book…A Personal awareness of what you really own, an eye opening experience. As you personally set the standards for your level of decluttering it is a totally life changing transformation. I absolutely love this book and how it has changed my life. The awareness that it has given me and helped me to Hone in on and make better choices in the future. It has built my confidence and sense of accomplishment. It has taking organization to the next level for me. If you would like I have posted pictures of this journey on Instagram at "Precisely Organized, LLC. I hope you get a chance to look at them and enjoy. I'm looking forward to more of your videos.

  5. I've got my copy last week and i love it! It us great to know here answeres on al these questions. I love the part where she explains what "spark joy" truely means. I've started the method because i was going to move so i purched a lot. But now, because i know what spark joy truely means, i think i start over again ??

  6. It's been a while since I read the first book, and I think that the second one hasn't been published here (in Finland) yet, so maybe I don't remember correctly. Still, my impression is that the books are, and maybe were designed from the very beginning, to work together. The first book describes the method in general, and the second one focuses on those details and organizing. Granted, the releasing of the second book took quite a long time. But now you can work with both books, a plus side if someone is starting the whole KonMari journey just now.

  7. I can see why people thought it was important to organize after each category because in her first book she had kinda mixed up organizing ideas with the method itself, but its good that she finally made it clear

  8. thanks Janine – I didn't even know there was a second book. I think I'll be heading to the library to check it out! I did some organising already. I found that after purging I had all my items already categorised in front of me so it was easy to put them all away together (that was way more organised than what I was before)!!

  9. I'm taking A Bowl Full of Lemons 2016 – 14 week Home Organization Challenge again this year….starting tomorrow! She introduced us to Konmarie and then I found you! I'm anxious to start this challenge now that I've finished Konmarie. It should be a breeze. I think it will be useful to visit all my areas again and to tweek my organization methods. I purged and organized some areas as I went along…lol! Video was great as always! You are an inspiration!

  10. Have I had my head in the sand, or just too caught up in the Holiday Hoopla? I had no idea there was a second book. Thank heavens for Amazon Prime! Looking forward to continuing the journey with you… Happy New Year!

  11. Can't wait for this! I've loved your KM video series. So glad to find you. Spark Joy just came to Audible, so I'll be starting it soon. Thanks for everything you share, Janine!

  12. Yay! Saw the video and ordered my copy right away! Your series has been very helpful for me as I go through the process! I'm about halfway through the purging process! I thank God for your inspiration to push through and keep going!

  13. I love it when you said picking up a mop sparks joy, that mop was made to clean your floor haha.. I have a huge niggle with me is how do you organize scalfes? I have a lot because I wear them every day, but I am finding it very hard to know how to organize them any ideas? I don't have a lot of storage space that is available, at the moment there piled up in my wardrobes and I cant actually see how many I have or what I have any suggestions would be really helpful, I can tell your super excited about this book, thanks hun for sharing xxx

  14. Glad you liked the book! I've requested it from the library and am excited to get it in my hands. I really enjoyed your Kon Marie series, so I'm happy it's continuing! :)

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