Building a Minimal Wardrobe | The Art of Manliness

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Brett takes you into his closet to show you build a versatile yet minimal wardrobe. For more info on building a minimal wardrobe read this article by Antonio Centeno:


43 thoughts on “Building a Minimal Wardrobe | The Art of Manliness”

  1. I know identity crises aren't super manly, but I'll admit I've been facing one lately. It may not make much sense, but you mentioning punk rock in this video gave me a strange sense of hope.

  2. This is great if you want to use the word minimal while spending all of your money. For me, I do laundry about every five days. Five days of clothes (for me) consists of five shirts, two pairs of jeans, one pair of overalls, and a modest supply of socks and underwear. Done. I have not needed a suit since I was 15, but if I need one I'll just stop at a thrift store and pay a solid $30 for one. In my opinion, this is pretty complicated for something considered minimal.

  3. Great video! However, imho, you buy your clothes a size bigger than you should… they don't show off the your body as they should. In other words… it looks like you dropped pounds and never bought new clothes…

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