25 thoughts on “Fold long sleeved t-shirts using The KonMari Method”

  1. Thanks for the info!  It seems like Konmari is great for storing and maximizing space but you still will have to iron the clothes.   In folding my clothes, I am amazed at how much more efficient I am at storing my clothes, not to mention remove the clutter and "joy-less" garments I had.

  2. I will be folding all my clothes when packing for the next trip – last time it was such a mess but folding makes it easy to see all that I have packed + the clothes won't be horribly wrinkled

  3. I actually already fold this way and am very surprised this is the secret method. I had a nanny as a young child who was a post doc from China, she lived with us after her husband died suddenly and my mom (lab manager) took her in. Anyway, she was big on children doing chores from a young age, so I was folding my own clothes as a youngster. This brought back very fond memories I had forgotten all about. Sorry for rambling!

  4. Folding is very traditional in Japan. My first trip I was surprised to see how much care they took to fold something I purchased, even wrap it in paper so neatly like a gift. Contrast that with buying clothing at Target and it's balled up and tossed in a bag.

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