DIY Over Door Jewelry Display & Mirror!

It’s DIY time! Free supply resource: with hidden jewelry organizer and jewelry display holder! This DIY is easy to make, and a great way to protect and organize your jewelry. Grab an old frame or a shadow box frame, and make an over the door hanging jewelry organizer and jewelry display with a full body mirror, or individual mirrors!

Want my exact supplies used?
Studio Decor (Michael’s) 9in x 12 in shadow box frame
Mainstays $5 door mirror:
Mainstays individual mirrors:

Like my floral top? Got it here:

Have fun with this mirror display and holder!

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Shot by: CameraMan


30 thoughts on “DIY Over Door Jewelry Display & Mirror!”

  1. Hey!! So I started making this over the door jewelry holder and the next step is to put the over the door hooks on it but I can't find anything like yours. I went to Walmart and even checked Amazon. Do you have a link you can give me? If not I guess I can just get a normal metal over the door hook and just cut off the hook part so that it can lay flat against the shadow boxes…that might be what I need to do. Thanks!

  2. How come I've never seen you!? Out of all the DIY videos I have watched, I feel like you've completed me~ lol I love your videos! And they are so easy to follow x) I'm definitely doing this for my rebuff of spring decor!

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