19 thoughts on “Airbnb Open: Tidying Consultant, Marie Kondo”

  1. I love her. Very simple, yet charming. Doesn't need to wear colourful clothes or try too hard to be adorable. She's a natural <3 She helped me let go of at least 10 bags of clothes and 2 boxes of books and share these things to people who need them :)

  2. Really interesting! I hadn't imagine there could exist a "tidying consultant"! LOL. It'd be great if it could be translated to Spanish so that I could share with my 2 aunts who are my fellows at hosting through Airbnb. ;-)

  3. I have read Marie's books and used her principles to tidy my t-shirts, etc. I love hearing her speak and am continuing to tidy up. I think that she is right, start first thing in the day and do the clothing first. I cannot imagine, right now, tidying photos! Brava, Marie!

  4. From my experience with some Japanese people, I was very impressed by how many live very simply and don't have 'too much stuff' like Americans. It's easy to be weighed down by things. I wish to try her method and see if it could possibly work. I'm so glad that Airbnb allowed her to be an international presenter of a topic and to be able to speak in her own language, which also helps create community (others can learn about other cultures through a natural presence).

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