25 thoughts on “Cleaning House With Organizing Guru Marie Kondo”

  1. Marie Kondo's work invites gently to confrontation with ourselves through our objects and explains in detail how that is an inner dialogue. The person in the video looks sad, tired, dispirited, mocking and says of his own things … "death execution" !? It really is a shame that have cited such a friendly and human person as Marie to make this video. Horror, Vogue.

  2. Wow, she was being pretty rude and disrespectful. "Oh we got some Japanese maid coming over, she doesn't speak English so whatever, let's get this over with" was the tone I got from this…

  3. I know it might sound silly to say "thank you" to those clothes you no longer need, but when you pause for a moment to realize that you were blessed by having these items (and perhaps will bless someone else now), you feel positive.

  4. I agree with the comments. You sounded quite rude and disrespectful. Almost like making fun of Marie for welcoming the house and saying thank you to the clothes. She does that for a reason- maybe read the book. So many people would love to have the opportunity to have Marie help them. It's pronounced "Ma-ri-eh" like in Japanese.

  5. i dont like this video. this woman shows NO respect for all the hard work marie has done to develope her method. neither she makes an effort to understand her and the meaning of her actions. she looks like an ignorant yankee that came from a distant farm and thinks has no need to understand other's culture just because she's from the US.

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