DIY CLOSET ORGANIZATION HACKS on a BUDGET// Activewear Hoarder Declutters Marie Kondo Style

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Antique White (Legging) Shelves:

White Strand Lights (I used two):

Velvet Hangers:

Tall Rolling Clothing Rack:

Cheaper Clothing Rack (the one I use for sports bras):

Little Wooden Hangers:

60 Pair Shoe Rack:

6 Cube Organizer:

Collapsible Bins:

Tri-Fold Full Length Mirror:

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43 thoughts on “DIY CLOSET ORGANIZATION HACKS on a BUDGET// Activewear Hoarder Declutters Marie Kondo Style”

  1. I'm curious, what are the orange fish for? Thanks for inviting me and 300k random strangers into your closet.

    Nevermind, they look like the fish slippers from Amazon March 2019 haul.

  2. Love the video. Hopescope wins. Love your energy and vibe hopescope. Love all your videos but – LOVING your chill T-shirts your rocking in the video so chill so real – such real vibes I appreciate this immensely. ❤️

  3. Queen,I have a recommondation for a video for you.Can you film a video where you talk about skinny fat and the best workouts to lose that body figure.❤Please & thanks if you do.

  4. I LOVE YOU AND YOUR VIDEOS!!! updated alphalete and buff bunny favs video??? also gym shoe video???? whats in your gym bag? just some ideas of videos id love to see ❤️❤️❤️

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