42 thoughts on “Marie Kondo: Basic Folding Method”

  1. When I read about it, it sounded like baaaah…. But now that she actually shows how to do it, it makes perfect sense! I think I'll go and communicate my love to some of my clothes now :-)))))))

  2. It would be REALLY helpful if she could give people a surefire method of deciding what to keep and what to toss. This is people's main problem staying tidy: having too much stuff. This is the hard part of tidying.

  3. Wow!! My mom taught me this from I was old enough to start doing laundry(10) minus the talking to the fabric part. I still fold my clothing this way. It really doesn't cause much wrinkles at all. She's making a ton of money showing people the basics of being neat and organized. Good for her! haha…

  4. Finding the sweet spot on different types of clothes to make them stand when folded is very helpful to watch! To me, that is the most difficult part – though once I find it, I take a quick photo with my phone and email it to myself so I know for next time.

  5. Have people tried this? It seems to me there will be more creases on the sleeves with this method. Also standing everything up takes up more room in a drawer. Sorry I don't buy this hogwash.

  6. Marie, with all respect, do you really think that in a home where you have to do laundry twice a day plus a lot of other stuff, pick up the kids at school, cook lunch, dinner, clean, iron, vacuum, etc, etc, etc, Do I have the time to "talk" with my shirts, and carefully thank them for their support while I fold? maybe if I hadn't also a full time job and had the money you made by selling your book, I could hire someone to do the rest of the housework while I fold clothes. Sadly not my case :(

  7. Amazing! Just started the books, and being a visual person I'm very glad to see this method. It is very soothing and makes me feel happy and tidy! Thank you, Marie for sharing this beautiful gift. :)

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