50 thoughts on “Marie Kondo Folds a Perfect Underwear Drawer”

  1. Hi, there are many commenters below who think it is nuts to spend the time folding our undergarments, etc. And for some of us it is. But bear in mind that this system is designed for homes with very little storage which is typical in Japan as well as studio apartments, etc in the US. So for those of us with tiny houses it is worth it. And no doubt will come in handy for packing for traveling. Very clever of her and I appreciate her doing a Youtube vs. just selling her books.

  2. I just finished reading your book which I borrowed from our local library and I am so gratful to you for demonstrating your method for socks and underwear because I just could not visualise. Thanks

  3. I really don't get some people… first of all her "tidying" is shit. Second – is this really the best way to spend your time? Don't you have anything important to do? Don't you have any goals in your life? They are fucking socks.. Who gives a fuck… SMH..

  4. This would last no time! I can see my husband hunting through his stuff for the thing he wants and tossing all the carefully folded stuff everywhere. Maybe Japanese men are more fastidious.

  5. When it came to my undies, I did steps 1-3. I didn't do the last two steps of rolling them up because that would've made them so small and near impossible for me to identify them. Anyway after following her steps, my underwear drawer is nice, organized, and so pretty. I can fit way more in the drawer than I imagined. Also, it's so easy to just pull and use now. Before I just had them thrown in the drawer and wasted minutes leafing through every morning trying to find one I wanted to wear and figuring out which ones I had left. As for the socks, I still have them stuffed one inside the other. I just like that style better.

  6. Who only owns 6 pieces of underwear?? If I work out and sweat, I will need to change my underwear. If I just don't feel "fresh" for whatever reason, I need to change my underwear. God forbid, I have a bladder leak, then I need to change my underwear. Assuming at least some of things will occur to me, there is no way I want to wash just my underwear every 2-3 days.

  7. This is wonderful, and I've done it many times. But, who….how many of you continue this practice day in and day out. Washing clothes, in a rush…just toss them in – do it later mentality? It works but it takes a lot, A LOT of dedication and time, just toss it in the drawer works so much faster, unfortunately. My drawers are a mish mash of half half.

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