Marie Kondo-ing My Sex Toys! | Hannah Witton

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21 thoughts on “Marie Kondo-ing My Sex Toys! | Hannah Witton”

  1. My only comment for the finished bin under the bed, is KonMari method recommends using pasteboard boxes, like what is in the bedside table! You could use the lid inside the table, and the box in the large container, so you can subcatagorize the ticklers and blindfolds into one box, the restraining items in another, etc. It can help you cut down time planning before play. Thanks for a fun video!

  2. I know this is an old video but I found your channel from jus randomly scrolling through my home page where one of your stoma videos cropped up but long comment needed to make shorter, finding this video today has made my day. THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU and AMAZING. Idk if this video was supposed to be funny but this was such a blast to watch

  3. OK I saw one video of yours about having a stoma and what you wear. I left a comment about you being beautiful and your lovely curves. But I was conscious about not going too far. And then this video pops up. Ok I need to look up your channel now. And get ready to lewd the Brit.

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