25 thoughts on “Marie Kondo’s Trick For Folding T-Shirts”

  1. The editing on this is complete shit. Holy fuck, it's like having not slept for three days straight and trying to focus on what's in front of you. I know from firsthand experience.

  2. Similar concept as using the piiler to file shirts, except that this method is free but still doesn't look 'clean and uniform' as the ending products are different widths. I would suggest using the magazine method and taking it two steps further and instead of leaving the shirts uniform but flimsy fold into thirds to make the shirt uniform and sturdy. Same concept of filing clothing but all items end up same width and length so they all are uniform.

  3. Very practical video but very disruptive video editing, too many unnecessary cheesy effects and colour changes and ones eyes battle to focus on the folding steps with sliding video footage etc.. I suggest re-editing the video. Keep the footage in one corner and the text in another. Stop freaking changing the colour every 2seconds and you have a video as neat as those T-shirts are being folded 🙂 No offense!

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