MASSIVE Shoe Declutter | Marie Kondo Method | Willa Morton

Welcome (back) to my channel and HAPPY NEW YEAR (for the last time, lol)!! In this video, I am (finally) decluttering my shoes.

I used the Marie Kondo Method so I personally “touched” all of my shoes and made a realistic decision as to whether I needed to keep, donate, or trash them. I did not show me going through all of my shoes, but I did keep a good amount. This is just one step. Over time, I will continue to get rid of shoes that are just taking up space.

Here’s my Decluttering playlist:

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10 thoughts on “MASSIVE Shoe Declutter | Marie Kondo Method | Willa Morton”

  1. I love how Kondo is always asking does it bring you joy or have an emotional/sentimental attachment. I’m starting to get better at releasing. As they say, for things to flow into your life, you must release.

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