Millennial Diaries: Packing Up My Life In A Suitcase

Here’s another hectic vlog of myself trying to pack my entire life in to a suitcase. Lesson learned from this vlog: always listen to mom.


👕 MY GO TO SHIRTS – Cuts Clothing





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26 thoughts on “Millennial Diaries: Packing Up My Life In A Suitcase”

  1. Four years ago we packed up our studio and into 4 suitcases (two people) and moved to Berlin. It was wild lol. Super stressful but also kinda fun! Have fun in Vancouver. It's where I grew up 🙂

  2. 어머나!!! yaaaas Queen! Hang on to those dildos~ 😚 ㅋㅋ

    On a second note, please tell us more about that chest and shoulder cruncher. I find it hard to foam roll that area so would be helpful.

  3. Your chest looks great. I was considering the surgery (mine's concave), so I don't think I'd have an option but surgery. I can't even tell by seeing yours.

  4. This is so inspiring
    I wish I could fit my life in two suitcases O.o

    I'm moving this summer to another country too. I want to get away from my messy mom and become a minimalist just like you (my idol 👀 hehe). Yet, my love for physical books is kind of a problem •~•

    Do you have any tips on how to prioritize the things to bring when moving? Do you have any ranking system for your belongings?

    Ps. I'm really grateful for you!
    Keep up the good work! <3

  5. I'm moving on Sunday and as always have the same weight problem! My big suitcase, at max capacity, is always over 50lb. But my flight has 2 free checked bags, so I just knew it was worth taking two.

  6. I love watching you. I could never become and extreme minimalist maybe a minimalist but not an extreme it seems miserable to be honestly. The only thing I can never go minimalist / downsize on is wardrobe wie is sneakers thou that is something I truly love and enjoy to wear and collect and learn about the story behind the shoes but I would wear the same 3 colour shirts and 2 colour jeans and be okay and happy with it.

  7. I'm moving to a different city so I love these videos! I'm only moving an hour away but it's still a lot more than I ever thought I would. I'm very excited but also super nervous. Its gonna be a stressful week. I hope your move to Vancouver goes well!

  8. Wow crazy timing! I'm moving back from Japan after 2 years this summer and my mind is constantly occupied with how I'm going to be able to pack all my things home… I have a friend visiting right now so I am planning on sending some things back with them, but it's still seems impossible!

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