The Truth About Tidying Up With Marie Kondo Finally Revealed

Tidying Up With Marie Kondo premiered on New Year’s Day 2019, and subscribers everywhere excitedly tuned in to the new series all about decluttering your home and changing your life. The show was an instant hit, to say the least. Here’s everything you need to know about Tidying Up.

Not just anyone can host their own hit Netflix show, so how did Marie Kondo get to that point? It actually started with Kondo’s 2014 book, The Life-Changing Magic Of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing, which encourages readers to find joy in decluttering and organizing their home. After Kondo published the book, it didn’t take long for the KonMari method to gain traction, and people all over the world started trying to “spark joy” by straightening up their homes.

Watch the video for more about the truth about Tidying Up with Marie Kondo finally revealed!


Book beginnings | 0:17
Hundreds of applicants | 0:44
Still tidied | 1:28
Breaking cultural barriers | 2:19
Beyond language | 3:09
Never forceful | 3:55
Family business | 4:45
Why the white? | 5:34
The money behind messes | 6:09
Difficulty understanding | 6:58
Fair share of drama | 7:53
Tidying Up outrage | 8:52
Multiple award nominations | 9:46
Marie Kondo’s star quality | 10:29


27 thoughts on “The Truth About Tidying Up With Marie Kondo Finally Revealed”

  1. Why throw away books? You can look for places to donate them if their in good condition. It might be tedious compared to just throwing them away but someone might enjoy what you dont want. It worked for me when I received books friends didn't want or were free to take from the public library.

  2. I watched it but the only thing it helped me with was my drawers. I got rid of alot of things after I had kids but I can't just get rid of things that don't spark joy or I'd end up getting rid of all my furniture and other necessities that make life comfortable ..

  3. Folding upright was being used in asian culture since most homes are smaller in Asia and makes more room. Growing up my mom was folding our clothes upright.

    No one really knows who invented it, people had been doing it for a long time ☺️

  4. Ever since clothes have been put into draws there have been people who put them in up right, nobody invented it it's just a natural thing to do 😂 can't believe this lady is claiming it as her idea.

  5. Koopersmith claiming she invented the upright folding method is an idiot. Folding clothes goes way back in history; Kondo didn't invent it either. She just presents it as the best method for space saving.

  6. That is hilarious that Linda Koopersmith thinks she invented the upright fold ‘method’. She must think that the rest of the human population present and past are extremely unimaginative if she thought no one had ever done that before. 🤣

  7. How STUPID is that woman who claims to have "invented" the folding method? Folding kimonos, etc. has been part of the Eastern culture since their inception! Marie Kondo is so lovely she deserves her success, and long may it continue.

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