Top 10 Fun Facts You Didn't Know About Marie Kondo

Top 10 Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Marie Kondo // Subscribe:

Marie Kondo is definitely one of the top influential people of the year! We’ve learned so many organizational tips from her Netflix series, but what about her personal life? Here are the Top 10 Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Marie Kondo! For this list, we’re doing a deep dive into this hugely popular pop culture figure. Did you know what she loved organizing since she was kid? That she was an Organizing Consultant since she was 19 and that she works with her husband? Let us know which fact surprised you the most!

10. Top Fun Facts/Things You Didn’t Know About Marie Kondo
9. The Basic KonMari Method
8. She Was an Organizing Consultant (When She Was 19!)
7. Tidying Was the Topic of Her College Thesis
6. Her Husband Works with Her
5. She Wrote Her Book Because of Her Massive Waiting List
4. Her Home Is a Reporter-Free Zone
3, 2 & 1???

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49 thoughts on “Top 10 Fun Facts You Didn't Know About Marie Kondo”

  1. "They're taking the dining room chairs!"
    "They don't bring me joy. "
    I love this method. It really helps beyond the home too. You become less of an impulse shopper. If you are a collector of anything (sports memorabilia,purses, dolls) you become very particular at what you add to your current collection. She does not say anything about minimalism or a certain number(there is a misconception about her saying you should only have 30 books) If you have 75 cookbooks that still bring you joy, you keep them.

  2. Your mind is reflected in your surrounding. Your surrounding reflects in your mind. Tidying up is a very spiritual experience. I am grateful not just 'for' the things I have, but also grateful 'to' them.

  3. How about marie kondo folding and organizing large peoples clothes. Its so much easier with slim people's clothes. By the way thanking items is so ridiculous even makes me say pagan.😲😲

  4. Mika Chan: thousands of Shinto worshippers visit the Yasukuni Shrine at least yearly, to worship and pay their respects to their Class A war criminals. This includes the ever popular Prime Minister and his cabinet members and family. This would be like Germans of today paying their respects to the National Socialist Party (NAZIS). But Germans do not do so because they have faced their history, as have most erring nations, made amends, and learned from it, unlike Japan. But I appreciate that you only have a false version of history.

  5. “Mika Chan
    That's unfair to Kondo to place your daughter's behavior on her. She specifically says to deal only with one's personal belongings not those of others. Sorry for what your granddaughter experiences”. YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH Kondo is a KON ARTIST

  6. I kid you not! After watching her Netflix series I took initiative to clean my messy room and declutter it, which it was way over due for, and now my room is tidy and clean and fresh 😩 I never noticed how this method really does changes your perspective on what you have and what really sparks joy for you!💕💕

  7. It sounds great until you come home and all your stuff is gone because you just got Kondo'ed by your spouse who just didn't love your stuff the way you do =P I would love to see how she gets along with Jordan Peterson who first step to a happy life is to clean your room. I bet Marie would melt him instantly. If not then her kids sure would. I mean her kids are so super cute! OMG you just want to make them smile =)

  8. When OCD is accepted. This lady had issues as a kid with throwing stuff away and she's milking the stupidity of simple lifestyle. There is hundereds people with OCD and there NOT milking the industry. Thanks to people donating than you bring joy to shopholic . Is a cycle of life.

  9. Now, let's have everyone find their thing and make lots of cash doing it! Yeah is kinda of OCD for big bucks. Things dont need spoken to and don't at all communicate. The only joy sparked is what u imagine. If it sparks joy to fold then fold and a lot! I don't have time for all that and my system has always worked fine. I know where its @! I find joy in saving time doing it simply, not folding on and on.

  10. I fail to see why we would need someone to tell us we are better off being clean and tidy with things we love around us?! Has humanity really regressed so much that we need someone to tell us what to do and how to feel. We have handed over every decision to so called therapists and experts. Sociology is a qualification like media studies. Please take one.

  11. you know I heard in Shinto they believe that if an object is neglected (not respected) for 100 years, they will turn into a yokai (ghost) and will haunt whoever came close to them. This is part of the belief which influence Japan's way of living. If you see MUJI store (Japanese IKEA), it is very very KonMarie

  12. Not super effective for hoarders though.

    That old t-shirt? Sparks joy
    box full of old magazines? Sparks joy.
    Math books from uni days? Sparks joy
    Ziplock bag to store poop in because the bathroom is no longer accessible? Sparks joy

  13. I do tiding up with my sister every spring. It's so refreshing and gives air to the room. Also we are able to check what do we need to buy (garderobe mostly) and what not, for the next seasons. This is a tradition on our country actually. Every spring mothers would clean up the entire house. Wash all mattress and winter clothes. To store them for the next months, till winter came back. We also have a festival that represents this. Winter leaving and spring/summer coming. It's called Summer Day. It's held every 14 of march and that day always (somehow) happens to be sunny! Kids that day go door to door and ask for sweets. While mothers put blooming flowers in the doors of the houses.

  14. The Shinto religion is the Japanese race worship religion which inspired the Germans during the 1930s. It is extremely authoritarian; at its peak Japan was a military dictatorship. The American occupying forces after WWII bade the emperor to deny his divinity, and taught Japan democracy. Japan wants now to remilitarize as it becomes closer to these dangerous spiritual roots. Shinto taps into dangerous forces and uses shamans to bless or curse people or otherwise control the future. It is not as sweet at it seems.

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