Waiting on Infertility Results by Tidying Up Marie Kondo Style

We are currently in out 2 week wait after another Frozen Embryo Transfer. To help pass the time, Chelsey has decided to Tidy Up the home after watching Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. After watching a few episodes, Chelsey got the courage to undertake her collection of clothing. Let’s see how this goes.


6 thoughts on “Waiting on Infertility Results by Tidying Up Marie Kondo Style”

  1. I'm not familiar with this lady's folding style… But for the sweaters or sweatshirts I would just hang them personally. I feel like the bulky ones would take up less space that way otherwise they'd fill dresser drawers. As for tshirts, I couldn't fold that way for the reason you explain-cant tell which one they are unless you pull them out. That just seems annoying. I get that it saves space… But seems to waste time in looking-or I might even forget what clothes I own when I can't see them!! It certainly looks nice though!!

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