What The Japanese Think Of Marie Kondo [Street Interview] | ASIAN BOSS

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29 thoughts on “What The Japanese Think Of Marie Kondo [Street Interview] | ASIAN BOSS”

  1. if someone expects you to be like the only japanese person they know from a tv show, then why would you even bother. that someone is so stupid, you dont wanna hang out with them anyways.

  2. i am confused by the necessity of this video. marie kondo always explains that she put life long research into it to find her own system. if that was just the typical japanese way of keeping your house in order then why would she even bother? then it would not be her method but just "japanese tidying".
    i expected her method to be not that foreign to japanese people as it is to westerners, that some things might be done by some people, and thats exactly how it turned out. no surprises.

  3. Love Asian boss but I was frustrated with the line of questioning by the interviewer this time around… Her own bias created questions that we're basically leading in negative ways but when answered the people being interviewed are too polite and caught on to it by staying on the fence.

  4. I think Marie Kondo came up with her own system based on her own creativity, temperament and, of course, her own culture and surroundings.

    Japanese architecture is very clean, and minimalist, as well as respectful of nature. I think that very much informs her method, as well.

  5. Realtalk..japanese woman are dirty at home.they dont clean their home.i work in japan for almost 25years i work diffirent hospital our japanese staff are dirty as hell.90% of the woman in japan are dirty.they just care about their skin and make up everyday😂

  6. Kondo used up many pages explaining that she tried all the standard methods and read every book available in the Japanese language, became frustrated by constant rebounds when she eventually developed her unique ideas. Do impossible for her way to be the traditional Japanese way of tidying

  7. IMO, Marie has self-promoted & made a 'mint' using basic goodness/high quality knowledge and practice to the heights of extremism-obsessiveness to sell to people who are totally lost 🙁
    and also to the Trendy people, which is waste in itself: a joke!

    take what you want and leave the rest. ✌

  8. Y'all, AB asks questions based offa foreginer's reactions n stereotypes towards kondo that shape their generalisations about japan n japanese women in general, it is NOT AB's personal opinion abt kondo herself or her methods. This is especially impt in light of "yellow fever" in recent years n romanticising east asian ppl n culture

  9. Wow! Interesting topic! I've tried KonMarie method, it is practical and works perfectly! It turns out that this method represents Ms. Kondo's personal invention and it is not common for Japanese people. Anyway, the quality of her method complies with reputation of Japanese people as well organized ones.

  10. This interviewer really imposes her perspective on the interviewees.
    I feel like they couldn't answer honestly because of how the questions were being asked in such a negative way.

  11. I can't believe how popular her show has become, I find it funny that the people who speak about her show, talk a game of cleaning up, but they never do. It's another idea that fascinates people as being possible, because it's different enough to, yet common and easy to do. Any thing that is easy to do, is also easy not to do. That I think is the attraction of her show. Many people do a major cleaning once, maybe twice up to 4 times a year. They try to stay tidy in between, but habits keep allow things to pile up, not get done and then it's time to do a major clean again. LOL Even the cleanest of people I know, still have a junk drawer or cupboard to toss everything into at moments notice.

  12. Halfway through the video and how do I say this.. it's kinda uncomfortable? The interviewer is intentionally asking questions knowing she'll get No for majority of them, feels like it's deliberating trying to trigger people to have the EHH WHAT THE HELL NO reaction, plus Marie Kondo never said this is THE JAPANESE people's way of decluttering, the mentality and method are her own and she' was teaching the mindset to her clients that really needed a new mindset.

  13. I think this video isn't saying that they think Marie Kondo actually is trying to make her methods seem like all Japanese do this… I think what this video is trying to do is show non-Japanese that the things Marie Kondo does are unique to Marie Kondo? Like, probably a lot of non-Japanese that watched the Netflix series, in their own heads, started to apply stereotypes to Japanese people, thinking they do a lot of the things Marie Kondo does? And I think this video of "what Japanese people think" is just debunking those stereotypes that non-Japanese people made up themselves?

  14. Germans are also very tidy and clean in nature, similar to Japanese people. When my mother saw KonMari she was so enthusiastic that she bought a lot of small boxes and organized everything in the house in the KonMari style. I think it looks very nice and is practical. Thinking of cleanness as typical German culture this story came to my mind: When I left Korea my landlord came to check my apartment. Very surprised he told us that the apartment looked even cleaner than at the time before I moved in. I said: Of course, I'm German.

  15. Seriously its so upsetting !!!
    One should be appreciated her and do little things like greeting the house and tidying up
    Its not only clean your house but remove cloudiness from your mind

  16. Marie kondo is so weird like how she prays or whatever before she cleans…. not sure what the hype is about her ….she’s definitely part of some weird religion lol

  17. I lived in Japan for two years. My daughter in law is insane, she’s like a zombie for Marie Kondo. I can’t stand this. I buy something for my granddaughter, a toy, a book, a dress, she throws it away. Now she’s is trying to brainwash my granddaughter, I Marie Kondo. She needs to shut up

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