Organizing a Closet with Bonnie Barrios Professional Organizer

Creating serenity out of chaos is what Bonnielee Barrios does.
An accomplished for close to a decade, Bonnielee is a master at transforming spaces into tranquil environments.
These spaces allow families to enjoy one another and enjoy life without stress and worry.
Bonnielee can skillfully organize your , kitchen, home office and more.
But, Bonnielee sees herself as much more than an organizer.
She empowers.
Using her personal coaching background, Bonnielee helps women find strength and their personal image and authentic self through a thoughtful and in-depth examination of her clients’ needs and wishes.
Bonnielee has worked with many private clients throughout the tri-state area. She is also an accomplished tv host lending her talents to a number of corporate sponsors, including McDonalds, Coca-Cola and Mercedes Benz.


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